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Any child may show inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, or hyperactivity at
times, but the child with ADHD shows these symptoms and behaviors more frequently
and severely than other children of the same age or developmental level. ADHD occurs
in 3-5% of school age children. ADHD must begin before the age of seven and it can
continue into adulthood. ADHD runs in families with about 25% of biological parents
also having this medical condition.

A child with ADHD often shows some of the following:

  • trouble paying attention
  • inattention to details and makes careless mistakes
  • easily distracted
  • loses school supplies, forgets to turn in homework
  • trouble finishing class work and homework
  • trouble listening
  • trouble following multiple adult commands
  • blurts out answers
  • impatience
  • fidgets or squirms
  • leaves seat and runs about or climbs excessively
  • seems "on the go"
  • talks too much and has difficulty playing quietly
  • interrupts or intrudes on others
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