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We have published this video of Jessica with the permission of her parents, and dedicate this page to her.

Thank you, Jessica! Your unrestricted spirit and positive attitude has been an inspiration to many people!

Keep those positive thoughts flowing!

Branches Staff
From the mouths of babes we are reminded of that natural space within us all that is unbridled and unlimited in our ability to believe in ourselves and achieve anything we set our minds to.

We have all experienced negative messages, traumas, losses, or failures that have reinforced within us a sense of doubt at times within our lives. Over time, these compound messages can become automatic beliefs about our abilities or sense of worth as a person. If we have lived in situations where these messages tend to layer and mask our true selves--we must take the time to consciously train our automatic reponses to be supportive rather than destructive.

Daily affirmations have been a source of positive thinking and healing for many through the years, as our minds and bodies believe the messages we send and act accordingly.

If we surround ourselves with negative thoughts-messages-people, we begin to believe and this becomes our truth. However, the same is true if we surround ourselves with positive thoughts-messages-people, and those truths become our reality.

We find that like creates like.

In order to achieve we must believe.

In order to believe we must experience by words, thoughts, or actions.

We must see it-hear it-feel it for ourselves.

We are able to accomplish, create, and achieve--and we are able to recreate our environment to insure that the messages we hear, experience, and believe also inspire us to become.

If you find that the messages are too difficult to sort through alone, our therapists are trained to help you work through the layers to help you find your way back.

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