Diagnostic Options:

Individual Assessment: Comprehensive assessment including detailed psychosocial (1.5 hour)

Drug Screen Evaluations: Instant urinary drug screens available for determination of recent drug use for proof of compliance for court, probation, or parents. Also used as assessment tool during evaluation process.

Behavioral Assessments: Psychosocial, history of behavior in various environments (home, school, family, friends), assessment of medical concerns, medication interference or need, core relationship status, family dynamics, evaluation of support system, educational status, emotional control, and identifiable triggers.

Child Custody Evaluations: Child interview, parent/guardian interview(s), psychosocial including home environment, emotional, educational and physical needs as related to the best interests of the child(ren) in question with child/parent preferences for custody arrangements also included. Additional concerns evaluated based on individual parent, court, or attorney request. Written evaluation and recommendation included.

Addiction Assessment: Comprehensive addiction assessment including instant drug screening, SASSI (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory), and in-depth screening interview with therapist. (1.5hour)

Marital/Premarital Assessments: Individual or Couple assessment based on need or request. Psychosocial, relationship history, communication tools, with focus on individual concerns brought to therapy by both individuals.

                                                            Treatment Options:

Individual Therapy: (1.0) hour session with therapist. Frequency based on determined need.

Family Therapy: (1.0) hour session with therapist. Frequency based on determined need. Family participation based on determined need and willingness to participate.
(Explores family dynamics by examining patterns of communication, providing support/education with the focus on family strengths, and improving family function. Reunification work as needed.)

Group Therapy: (1.5) hour weekly session. Group topics and length of participation based on determined need. (Uses the power of group dynamics and peer interactions to increase understanding and improve social skills.  (ex. psychodynamic, social skills, substance abuse, multi-family, parent support, education etc.)

Marital/Relationship Therapy: (1.0) hour session. Frequency based on determined need. *Mandatory participation of both partners* (Form of family therapy that focuses on a couple's communication, interactions, and feelings.)

Stress Management: Solution Oriented Therapy, a form of Individual therapy, that focuses on internal/external cues for stress, automatic responses to stress, with focus on tools for short-term care and solutions for long-term stress management.

Behavioral Contracts: Primary contract focus is on behaviors, with accountability for individual choices and built in rewards/consequences for immediate implementation based on outcomes. Required responsibilities, Rewards/Consequences are individually determined with therapist, and agreed upon by all parties included in the contract prior to contract implementation.

Family Contracts: Contract focus is on family roles, individual responsibilities within the family system, with accountability for individual choices built into contract in form of rewards and consequences for immediate implementation based on outcomes. Family roles, responsibilities, rewards and consequences are individually determined with therapist, and agreed upon by all parties included in the contract prior to contract implementation.

Alcohol/Substance Use/Abuse Treatment: Treatment options include individual, family, or group therapy with type and frequency based on determined need. Therapeutic focus is on individual issues resulting from substance use or abuse. Alcohol/Substance Abuse Education component & Drug Screening included.

Alcohol/Substance Use/Abuse Education: Includes individual or small group education with type and frequency based on determined need. Education focus is on Harmful effects of mind altering substances, physical/emotional/mental responses to various substances, genetic influences, legal ramifications of behaviors, family roles, addiction, detoxification, codependency behaviors, enabling behaviors, generational impacts, messages, core issues, and underlying causes.

Co-occurring Disorders: Includes individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy or small group therapy, and/or education based on co-occurring conflicts, symptoms, complications, medication management, and individual needs.

                                                   Other Services

Speaking Engagements: Our professionals frequently make time to speak on various topics of interest at Local Schools, Hospitals, Health Facilities, Universities, Corporate Training Events, and events targeted toward raising awareness. If you have a need for a professional speaker for one of your events, call to schedule the topic and time with one of our expert therapists.

Educational Groups: Small or Large groups targeted toward educational topics related to mental health, addiction, & co-occurring disorders. These groups are intended for educational purposes on various topics, are interactive, and can be designed toward professionals or those within the community seeking to raise awareness. Although educational in nature, there is a built in therapeutic component for all participants.

State Licensing Supervision: Our therapists are trained Supervisors for the State Licensing Board for most mental health credentials. One-on-one or small group supervision available. Our therapists offer their extensive training and expertise to help empower new therapists with skills and tools needed on the micro and macro levels of  mental health & addiction care with individuals and families in both inpatient, outpatient, and mid-level settings (ie: IOP, transitional housing, etc). Frequency determined by individual licensure requirements and individual need.

Case Staffing: As therapists, especially those in private practice, we sometimes find ourselves in a situation where we spend most of our time with our clients, and have a need to access other professionals to case our clients needs. These are times when networking with other therapists within the community, who understand our needs, becomes most important. This is a place where therapists come together to discuss various treatment modalities, treatment options, variables affecting client progress, issues within the practice, and ethical concerns that arise in private practice.
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