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Branches Counseling PTSD
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These symptoms are most often associated with those who have served in the military, and have returned home traumatized from their experiences. Although those who serve our country can be exposed to frequent trauma, and have higher rates of PTSD, this disorder is not exclusive to this population.

Anyone who has experienced trauma can develop symptoms of PTSD.

These traumas can be as a result of an an assualt (rape, carjacking, robbery...), a natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, flood...), childhood trauma (unexpected/unexplained death of a loved one, sexual abuse, alcohol/drug abuse in the home, mental illness in the home...)  or experiences that relate to accidents, injuries, exposure to a violent crime, life threatening illnesses, and other traumas.

Without processing and treatment, these symptoms can worsen over time causing revictimization of those experiencing the trauma.

If you or someone you know struggles with these symptoms or has experienced a recent triggering event, we can help.

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