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As we begin to discuss aspects of grief and loss, let's be clear that neither grief nor loss are associated primarily with the death of a loved one, but more the loss of anything significant to us. This could be someone or something very tangible like a person, home, or a pet. It could be something less tangible like a job, a way of life, or a familiar routine. Whether tangible or not, the significance of the loss is only determinable by the person experiencing that loss, and the process to resolve and heal is uniquely theirs.

Grief, loss, and the processes are not associated with age, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, education, socio-economic status, or time limits. We all grieve and grieve at the pace that is needed to heal.

We have all experienced significant loss at some point in our lives, and all have moved through the process at our own pace based on the level of attachment to the loss. Both grief and loss are individual processes with similar features or side effects that are noticeable among different people. However, these processes are worked through in significantly unique ways depending on the person, the person's need to spend more or less time in a specific stage of the cycle, or the person's need to repeat different stages of the cycle.

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The Grief Cycle

Written in testimony of her grief, in honor of her courage to feel, reflective of her work with her therapist at Branches Counseling, and reprinted with permission:

"My Journey of Grief"

Sitting silent in my own darkness unable to breath, to move;

paralyzed with fear of feeling too much…I sought the help of another.

Beaten but not broken I entered into your world.

Wary of the unknown I wrapped myself in a cloak of protection;

a shield to guard me from pain.

Tentatively and gently your words and kindness broke down my defenses;

the cloak unfolded and I embraced the pain. 

Feelings washed over me, through me and with their release a peace was found.

Acceptance was founded and the journey to healing began.

I do not know where my journey will take me; nor do I care.

This road I take gladly; filled with excitement of the possibilities and adventures which lie ahead.

I am renewed and energized willing to face whatever comes my way.

Be it pain or joy I will meet all head on, head up; embracing it all.

Because you see……without pain there cannot be growth and without growth there is no true life!

CBK 01-2011

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As well as Individual or Family Counseling, a closed support group ~ for your family only~ can be arranged on a schedule that works for your family.

Those groups are led by Master Level Therapists who specialize in grief therapy, are scheduled on an as needed basis, and are designed around the specific needs of each family. The fee for this group is based on the number of people in the family who will attend, and the determined group time needed for each person to have their individual needs met within the group. This group meets for as many times as the family feels is necessary.

If you or someone you love needs a little help finding the way through the process, our staff is here to help.

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We have been blessed to be connected with these talented young women who write and perform their own music. We share this song with you with pride and gratitude, in hopes that you, too, will be gently moved through your own journey of grief. This beautiful song is written and performed by twin sisters, Dani and Lizzy. They were born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. This song was inspired by their own significant loss and transformative healing that now has the opportunity to support that healing journey for others. ~~Branches Staff
You may support these talented young women, and download a copy of this song by donation at this link.. You may also purchase a version on iTunes at this link..

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