Testimonials 2
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Testimonials 2
These ladies are the greatest. Even though I was not there client they still were willing to help me out when I was down and out. Its not a matter of money to them it a matter of helping people.
S. Swegman 
The good they do for those in need in the community, can not be expressed in words. Compassion is not something tangible, Branches compassion for those at risk comes from the heart. Branches heart is overflowing with compassion.
Kurt E.
This is a great business because they help many people therapeutically. They helped me get through a lot over the past few years.
Shannon Marie
Branches is awesome and has helped me in so many ways! They were the first group of therapists I actually felt comfortable talking to. They taught me to find confidence in my own abilities and the strength to work through anything!
Jenn B.
Our church has been impacted by Beth's words "First thoughts are natural and uncontrollable..." If Branches Counseling can impact a church in Indianapolis, In - Imagine what they do for their local community in Michigan - limitless possibilities. 

The Church Within
The wonderful people at Branches helped my family through a very difficult time in our lives.

Lisa K.
Simply put...the best at what they do! The idea that they make sure anyone has access to their services is above and beyond. What other experts do that? LOVE them!
Barbara S.
Branches is the Best!!!

Susan Russell

Words cannot express the journey I have been on in my life. I came across them in such a dark time of need and with their love, support, and help We have put many things in our family back in order and on track. I am truley and forever thankful.
Thanks for just everything! My heart is forever grateful for the life I have because of working with you.
Sarah P.
You carry others when they can't carry themselves, and yet you get up every morning to do it again. That's a true hero!
Leah P.
These women are amazing! They are tough but loving they honestly care for people. they are making a positive impact on my child and helping my whole family heal. The world needs more people like them!
Melissa T-P
<3<3<3<3 no exaggeration - they saved our family.      R. Harris
I consider Victoria Winebarger's work with adolescents, adults, and families to be highly effective, and of superior quality in the field of behavioral health.

Lisa Pangrazzi, Masters Level LLP
Owner of Aspen Counseling

They are intuitive, caring, and give great counsel.

Ellie N.
Branches offers quality, affordable care to its many clients, offering creative caring and safe space to regain balance and wholeness.
Yvonne B.
The therapists at Branches Counseling are caring dedicated people with unbelievable knowledge, helping clients and families put their lives back together.
                                        Sue M

They are very professional in the customer needs. Branches is very knowledgeable in their field.
Sandy S.

Branches Counseling was created by two extremely dedicated therapists who have made it their life's work to help others help themselves!
Julia Churchill
The two therapists are awesome at this practice. They help human beings help themselves!
Deborah Delplace

These ladies saved my sons life.

Diane V.
Beth Bunn is an amazing therapist. We credit her with saving our sons life!

Sandy L.
It's a Fabulous business, simple.

Joe Carroll
I love these people. They have benefited me in so many ways and helped me get my life together.
P. Straetmans
This is a fantastic business. They truly care about their clients and they get amazing results!
Karen Nemier 
These people saved my daughter's life. I wish they could help more kids in need too.
Patrick P.

I've known one of the therapists for five years now. simply put, she's got a heart of gold!
Joe L.

I've seen with my own eyes this wonderful organization SAVE peoples lives. My family being one of them. Branches Counseling makes a real difference.          Lee B.
I've met both of these gals and have never met anyone that cares more about people.
Wendall Short

Incredible people with caring hearts who save lives each & every day!!!

Sharon M.

Truly a great place!


I work in a hospital and Branches Counseling is one place I feel confident and comfortable sending my patients.  Tara F.

I am a mental health professional and I am continually encouraged when I observe the compassion and passion that Branches has for others, especially for those who struggle financially and have a difficult time getting good mental health care.   K. Glasco

The therapist at Branches Counseling are the friendliest and caring people I have yet met in my whole life. They truly care about people and they are very good at what they do. I am fortunate to know both.   Brenda N.

Great therapists that do great work!

My family absolutely loves you!

Misty W.
One of these ladies was a big part of my daughters recovery when she was in a bad spot in life. They were there for her and made a huge impact in her life. Thank you.
                                                  Katrinia L.

They touch and have touched so many families and for me personally, their ethics and love saved my life.
                                                      Hannah M.
I love what you are doing! You are definitely the change you wish to see in the world!

                                                 Margaret M.
They know that it isn't about just one person but the entire family. Lives change here...
I love everything about what you have on your web site. You are going to change so many lives!
Very personal service, excellent work and gets to the heart of the matter. Highly recommend their services.   J.W.

They just do it right!
Ruth C.

Great folks to work with!!

Every community needs this kind of support!
Mary C.

Its great to see places provide a great service to people. Its about time These people are wonderful!
Brad O.
These women are the best in the area.
Steve M.

Impressed with the staff.
Rhonda S.

Not only do they help save kids everyday, they dedicate their time to support for OCD, Autism, Adolescent addiction, and Family support groups! Even this will go to helping others get help. Of course we love them!
                                         Jeannette F.

Branches helped me work through school and family issues. I believe that I'm a better person today because I had a great therapist to challenge me to want more for myself.
                                                 Daniel M.

Branches has provided my organization assistance with events and programs. We are impressed with their willingness to give back to the community. We highly recommend them!                                    Fisher Elementary PTO
Branches does great work!
Tracey Schultz Kobylarz

The ladies at Branches have supported me in my recovery from ED and other issues in an online environment, which I feel is most challenging. It is a true testiment to their skills and empathy toward others. They are inspiring & empowering!
Heather D.

These are caring people-- helping in every way.
Jennings Family

I believe in this counseling firm! The work these professionals are doing in the lives of hurting people is INVALUABLE . .
                                            Jena M.

Branches counseling gives individuals and families the positive support to continue to grow, while learning to make adjustments along the way. They will help in the moment with tools the client will take with them and use for a lifetime.

                       Jeanne H.
I love this Branches b/c it has talented and compassionate therapists!!!
Mrs. Nafeesah
They are really great. I went to them for a long time
C. M.
'Branches' is a much-needed, vital, positive business which with its heart-felt messages and photographs, will bring hope to many, and it makes people feel cared for.
G. Boyd
Branches is willing to go above and beyond to help the community. Our Troop is truly grateful.

Girl Scouts of America Redford Troop
Branches is doing the work of the community - reaching out to and serving those in need of critical support.
This group does great work!!

Vera B.
Thank you for the kind words and support. Our family of friends and supporters is the core of our practice, and we are honored that each of you has been willing to share you lives, families and community with us. Together, we will affect positive change in our individual lives, our families, our community, and ultimately, our world. We are grateful for each of you.   Branches Staff
Branches Counseling, PLLC: Victoria Winebarger, MSW, LMSW, CAAC, CAADC; Beth Bunn, MSW, LMSW, LCSW, LCAC
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